Sunday, November 10, 2013

110913 Lebkuchen

These German Christmas cookies are terrific for the season!! It's best to make this recipe during the holidays as it'll be easier to find all the ingredients. Very nice aroma in the kitchen and the cookies are so very soft, flavorful and just the right amount of sweetness! Pretty easy to make since you throw everything in the food processor! Too bad the recipe only yields ~2doz. I plan on making this recipe again before the year's up.

090113 Chocolate Mint Snadwiches

Plan on using a good amount of powdered sugar when rolling out the dough - it gets very sticky. These cookies are way too sweet, even without the glaze! And, I don't really care for the chocolate cookie (a bit dry). Probably won't repeat the recipe again and too bad I forgot to take a picture for the blog :(. Good thing it wasn't a favorite!!

080413 Coconut-Cream Cheese (Pinwheels)

These cookies are sweet enough without the jelly. The recipe is a bit time consuming...not quite worth the effort. I thought the folding the ends to the middle was just as good as making pinwheels. My cream cheese filling was a little chunky but not too bad. Be generous with the flour when rolling out the dough.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

071413 Biscuit Sandwich Cookies

These cookies are fabulous with Nutella!! The thin, buttery cookies add just the right texture and flavor to the sweet, chocolatey nutella spread. The egg-cream wash brushed on the cookies prior to baking make for a nice "gloss" finish...quite delicate!

063013 ALmond Spice Cookies

Though this recipe is easy to put together, it was a bit tricky to slice the frozen dough very thin....need a sharp knife. The taste wasn't too bad and seemed to improve the second day (?). Not sure I would repeat this recipe. Some people found them quite enjoyable at work...

060113 Biscochitos

I didn't have a 4" fleur-de-lis cutter but had a super cute birdie cookie cutter that was perfect! This recipe left a very nice anise and orange aroma in the kitchen. The baking time was longer than the recommended 14 minutes (more like 20min). The orange flavor really comes through leaving a very subtle anise taste....all very pleasant!

052713 Homemade Graham Crackers

This recipe tastes just like the graham crackers from the store but much better!! Softer and more robust flavor than Honeymaid graham crackers. These are excellent with peanut butter or nutella!! The recipe is easy and worth the effort!

051213 Sweet Cardamom Cookies

The cookies leave a pleasant aroma in the kitchen!!And, a very interesting cardamom flavor...with a nice pistachio finish. The recipe is relatively easy to make/assemble. I probably made the crackers a little thicker than recommended....more like a cookie than a cracker.

051213 Wholemeal Almond Cookies

Surprisingly tasty with marscapone cheese and some jam. The recipe doesn't yield many biscuits. The cookie dough is rather fragile to roll out so you need to be careful and not handle the dough too much. Simple tasting and a bit too much work for biscuits...nor sure I would make again.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

042713 Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

This recipe was very challenging...almost as difficult as the Sarah Bernhardt cookies. The chocolate filling did not solidify, even after chilling. Not sure if this was due to the quality of the chocolate..? The pistachio cookie wasn't bad but was a bit chewy. As I was sandwiching the cookies, the filling wouldn't take hold and, therefore, I wasn't able to apply the final chocolate glaze. I was very disappointed with the recipe and results.